Promote safety in your workplace 

Save $$ in workman's compensation costs!!

Safety Game Workplace

- Promote Team Work Safety
- Save Money on Injury-Related Costs
- Effortlessly Incentivize Employees
- Reduce Lost Time Hours
- Boost Company Morale


"Play It Safe" is a fun and easy way to reduce injuries and save thousands of dollars on injury-related costs.  "Play It Safe" is one of the best investments you will ever make for your company and for your employees.

The "Play It Safe" set pays for itself hundreds of times over. Each set includes a gameboard that allows for up to 16 players per gameboard. Purchase multiple sets to include more players or departments. 




The game board is posted to the wall of your warehouse or office. Each "Accident Free Week" players draw a card from the “Game Bag” and place it on the game board under their name. Players continue to draw cards at the end of each accident free week and place them under their names to create a winning hand. The player with the best score wins the prize posted in the Game Board Prize Box. 

But, if an injury occurs that results in medical treatment or lost time during the game period, all the cards come down and the game starts over. The next game can be postponed one week, or until the next month. You decide which will be best for your group.

Each Card is printed with a "safety tip" that can be seen by all players.

Prizes can range from Cash - Dinner for Two - Gift Certificates - Special Gifts
Choose from several game options that can include -


Wild Cards, Instant Winner Cards
Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker
Texas hold'em and More!

Safety Games for Workplace